Zafi Bachar

Climate Applications CoordinatoR, Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges| Parks and Regions, Department for Environment and Water

I’ve worked in climate change for some 15 years now, and reckon I’m juuuuust around the corner from sorting it all out for everyone (or maybe not).

When not saving the world, I enjoy a hit of social tennis, using what guile and cunning I can muster to try and wrong foot those blasted, fitter and slimmer youngsters on the other side of the net. They find my sweaty efforts rather entertaining, and are often seen openly laughing – doesn’t it feel good to do your bit for the wellbeing of younger generations? 

Having always been drawn to travel and to language learning, I’ve taken to Japanese in recent years and am enjoying the certainty that no matter how hard I work at it, it’s a challenge that will keep me well occupied into the foreseeable future (and yes, there are some parallels to my professional life here….).

I live in the lovely Christie Walk eco village in the Adelaide CBD, proving with each passing day that one can actually raise a relatively normal and well-adjusted primary school child in a match box in the sky, and that intoxicated banter (coming from the street, never from the parents….) can with time and much practice become quite a soothing lullaby (and vastly enrich a youngster’s active vocabulary as well).