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Kerri Bartley

NRM Coastal Conservation Officer Adelaide Metropolitan Coast.

I am passionate about biodiversity and conservation and completed a Science degree in this field around ten years ago. I have a great interest in the oceans and feel very strongly about protecting them. I enjoy scuba diving and exploring our diverse marine ecosystems, feeling free and unrestricted by gravity and at one with the environment.

As the NRM Coastal Conservation Officer, I really enjoy the opportunities I am given to work alongside such a vast range of volunteers, schools groups and communities.

I am regularly inspired by the passion shown by community volunteers who work tirelessly towards their Environmental goals. I also work collaboratively with other land managers to create combined work plans for conservation areas along our ecologically important coastline. Engaging with traditional owners and other like-minded conservationists to help protect the environment is another positive aspect of my career.

I recently made a conscious personal decision to help the Environment by installing solar panels in my home. I can’t believe the difference in my reduced electricity bills as we are now drawing much less power from the grid. Not only is it good for my hip pocket but it also means less coal is burnt at power stations reducing the use of the biggest source of carbon pollution in the world. We have also become very diligent in sorting our rubbish from recyclable, compostable and waste at home as we recently had a fortnightly waste collection program roll out in our area.