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Jim Allen

My wife, Ann, and I are transforming a 1970s house in Panorama while juggling work in the non-profit sector. My background is in urban planning, but in 2016, I left the paid workforce to devote more time to climate activism.

Life just got busier!

Whether learning to be a Climate Ready Champion in my local community, or talking to Federal politicians to promote initiatives like the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action, I'm finding there is a lot one can do with a positive attitude!

We are presently making our home ‘all-electric’, phasing out gas. This makes sense for others too as South Australia's electricity supply is increasingly based on renewables. It started by us signing a deal for a Tesla battery with PV panels, even before we bought the house. We committed to AGL's Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot recognising there’s social benefit in sharing. Our most recent step was replacing a gas cooker with an induction one.

A key to feeling effective has been finding the right balance between 'walking the talk' on sustainability and (respectfully) advocating for community-level change.