Resilient South - Climate Ready Southern Adelaide

Resilient South is about strengthening southern Adelaide so that our businesses, communities and environments can bounce back from the challenges of climate change, and stay productive, connected, and strong. The impacts of a changing climate are already being felt across southern Adelaide. Even if we achieve a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation), some changes to our climate are already locked in. This means that we also need to prepare and respond to the impacts from a changing climate (adaptation).


Climate Change Impacts in Southern Adelaide 


More frequent, long-running and intense heat-waves


Less rain overall but more intense storms and flooding


Sea level rise, more coastal erosion and more extreme storm surges


Changes to the growing season


More frequent and extreme fire danger days


We have worked together for many years to plan for changes to our climate. This simple one-page flyer shows some of our priorities.

Resilient south is A Partnership of: