Resilient South councils have worked together since 2011, investigating and responding to the impacts of climate change in our region. We've used this information to inform council policies and management plans. You may find some of the resources that we've developed useful for your own planning too!

Past Newsletters

See where we have come from by checking out our past newsletters.

Climate Ready Onkaparinga - Taking climate action together

Check out all the ways Resilient South and City of Onkaparinga are working together to get climate ready in this easy to read booklet.

Mitcham heat map

resilient south Airborne Thermal Imagery and Analysis, May 2016

On 22 February 2016, we captured high resolution thermal infrared imagery to analyse land surface temperature across the region. The purpose of this is to identify and prioritise open space and public areas most vulnerable to urban heat. Check out our interactive heat maps here.

Media Release: What’s hot and what’s not in Adelaide’s south

Climate adaptation manual for Local GovernmenT - Embedding Resilience to Climate Change

We have been working in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Excellence in Local Government and a number of other Councils around Australia, to develop the guidance manual, Climate Adaptation Manual for Local Government – Embedding resilience to climate change (2.7Mb). The manual is a practical tool for local governments across Australia to facilitate change. We are proud to have played an important role in developing this manual and believe the case studies (4.4Mb) we have provided will allow others to make practical and important changes to protect their own environment and communities.