Southern Region LED Street Lighting Upgrade

Did you know that street lighting is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions by local government in Australia?

To mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, Resilient South councils have committed to upgrade over 26, 019 street lights to energy efficient LED lights in 2018. Each Council is funding the project and has engaged Enveren, a subsidiary business owned by SA Power Networks to upgrade the street lights with LEDs and recycle old street lights. For more information, visit

LED Street Lighting.jpg

Saving GHG Emissions

LED lights not only provide a better light, they also use less energy. By introducing LED lighting, we will lower greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 4605 tonnes a year.

Saving Money

The project, which will initially cost approximately  $11.107 million will be offset by annual savings of $1.4 million through reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs. For example, City of Onkaparinga expects savings of approximately $630,000 per year.  

Carbon Credits

Cities of Marion and Mitcham, as part of this project, will also receive carbon credit payments over seven years through the Federal Government’s Emission Reduction Funding scheme. 

Sky glow

LEDs emit a more directional light, which can provide light to the areas where it is needed most such as roads and footpaths, with less spill to adjacent housing and the night sky. This also makes it easier to see the stars and to allow nocturnal animals and migratory birds to navigate without interference from artificial light... We did hear from one family that the reduced light-spill means they can't play finger puppets on their bedroom wall anymore. They weren't complaining though. They loved the fact they could now see the night sky!

LED streetlighting small.jpg