Climate Change is a global problem, but we understand that local action is needed to better prepare for the challenges ahead. We have taken a regional approach in implementing climate change adaptation in southern Adelaide, and this commitment is shown through our Resilient South Southern Region Local Government Implementation Plan. In addition to this, each Council has a Local Action Plan or Policy to help them address their own priorities. 

We present to you the Southern Region Local Government Implementation Plan (2015-2019). It is the first implementation plan of its type in South Australia. It is a commitment to implement the most important actions for the four Councils from the Regional Adaptation Plan over the next four years. Together, we can ensure that we are prepared for the challenges ahead and that we take advantage of any opportunities to strengthen our economy, and improve our health and wellbeing.

In February 2018, the Cities of Mitcham, Onkaparinga, Marion and Holdfast Bay and the Government of South Australia signed a new Resilient South Sector Agreement for Climate Change Adaptation for the Southern Adelaide Region (2018-2020). The Sector Agreement acknowledges the importance of taking a leadership role in climate change and sustainability and commits to take a collaborative approach to tackle climate change impacts and work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Signing of Sector Agreement Resilient South

The City of Marion climate change policy is to lead our community in response to the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and to enable climate change resilience into the future.

The City of Mitcham Resilent South Local Action Plan 2015 -2019 demonstrates a commitment by Council to Resilient South and its objectives including: 

  • improve hazard management and minimisation of risk associated with climate change

  • improve emergency response capabilities relevant to climate change impacts, and

  • increase the Council’s understanding of climate change risks, vulnerability and adaptation responses.

The City of Onkaparinga has been responding to concerns about climate change since 1998 and their Community Plan 2035 further strengthens that commitment.

The City of Holdfast Bay recognises climate change as the most complex problem of our generation. On behalf of its coastal community, their climate change response strategies are based on four core areas of activity; mitigation of energy usage, adaptation to impacts, offsets of unavoidable emissions and community leadership.