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Jade Creber

Growing up on a rural sugarcane farm in north Queensland has led to my appreciation of nature. My upbringing has led to me study a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Environmental Science.

I believe it is important to continue to be educated and understand how our own behaviours are impacting the environment so I am constantly trying new ways to reduce my waste by replacing disposable everyday items with alternate options. This includes utilising op shops, safety razors, beeswax wraps, reusable coffee cups, reusable cutlery (to avoid plastic cutlery from eateries), microfiber towels for makeup removal, mesh produce bags, reusable bags and metal straws.

Furthermore, I have begun collecting hard plastics from my workplace that are regularly disposed and recycling them myself. It has become a hobby to continue to find ways to reduce my waste. Fortunately, an unexpected outcome has involved changing the stigma surrounding mindful waste where I have observed friends, colleagues and family changing their habits too.

I have also become a more mindful consumer. Where possible, I like to use my money as a vote to the companies worth supporting. Usually, this involves avoiding purchases from cheap companies who mass produce, products with wasteful packaging, purchasing online from overseas, purchasing takeaway and I support eateries who choose to produce less waste. I also only purchase seasonal foods when they are naturally provided in the year and rice from overseas (as it is extremely unsustainable in Australia). 

I have also become a volunteer for my local council's wetland, which involves planting, weeding and collecting waste and avoiding travelling by car when possible. 

I hope that if I were to rewrite this in a year the length would have doubled as I continue to change my habits.