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Ben Leonello

Project Officer Natural Environments, City of Mitcham

Spending plenty of time connecting with nature and people through travelling, hiking, camping, surfing and scuba diving; I have developed a strong belief and passion in what I do.

With the growing threat of climate change, my family and I  have taken recent steps to: install a solar PV system; switch lights to LED; ride a bike; recycle and compost; grow fruit and vegetables; plant trees; and establish our very own green wall. I have also set future goals focusing on application of ‘water sensitive design', battery storage and electric vehicles.

My current role at City of Mitcham involves mainstreaming sustainability, climate change adaptation / mitigation, waste management and environmental compliance across Council and the community.  I am an active member of the Resilient South Project Management Committee and enjoy nothing more than kicking ‘goals’ for the environment. Recently I championed the upgrade of over 5,000 street lights across Mitcham to energy efficient LED. This has resulted in the abatement of 605 tonnes of CO2e per year.