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Dani Austin

community Adaptation Project Officer, REd Cross / Aldinga Resident

I am a new resident to Aldinga and I love the area, especially the natural spots like Aldinga Scrub. My new house is a small strawbale home, which my partner and I built ourselves with experienced tradespeople too. We wanted to build a house with thick walls and double glazed windows to keep the extreme heat out in summer.

I work in environmental education and engagement and so am lucky to see lots of great examples of adapting to a changing climate. I have learnt from others and have planted a lot of natives on the west of our house to protect us from the driving rains and storms from the coast, as well as the hot afternoon sun.

I also work with emergency services so am preparing for extreme weather events which will increase in frequency and severity with climate change. Iā€™m preparing by having things like my irreplaceable items, food, water, and medication ready to go if need be.