Feeling Hot Hot Hot - Dealing with Heatwaves in Southern Adelaide

Feel free to download and draw upon these resources when planning your own heatwave hypothetical.

We're working on it - Simon Kneebone

Hypothetical Heatwave Scenario - 2025

We worked closely with the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), the State Emergency Service (SES), SA Health and our member councils to develop a hypothetical heatwave scenario for Adelaide in 2025. The BoM helped us to make sure that the temperatures accurately reflected climate change projections, while the SES and SA Health made sure the government responses were in line with state protocol. Of course, it’s always worth checking to see if there have been any changes since our event.

MC Script

Based upon the hypothetical heatwave scenario, we developed a script for our MC including targeted questions to get the best out of our panellists. You’ll no doubt want to change the script to suit your local context but this is a good place to start.

Powerpoint Slides

Here’s an example of the PowerPoint we used to guide the audience through the hypothetical heatwave in 2025. It also includes info on services and programs that the audience might like to get involved with. We’ve left a few examples of some of the local services we promoted.

Hypothetical News

We worked with the Bureau of Meteorology to create a hypothetical Summer Outlook video for 2025 based on climate projections for Adelaide. If you live in another part of Australia, you might like to send them a link to this video and see if they can create something similar for you.

Local radio station, 5AA, kindly created three hypothetical news bulletins reporting on the previous week and the expected weather conditions to come.

Event Planning spreadsheet

Here’s the spreadsheet we used to plan and budget for our event. Hopefully you can save both time and money by using some of the resources we developed.


Feel free to draw upon the text we used in our social media and poster.

Scoping Document

When we first started recruiting partners and panellists to be involved in our event, this is the document we provided with background information.


Melting Bitumin - Simon Kneebone

On the night, cartoonist Simon Kneebone produced live drawings responding to the themes raised during the evening. You might like to use some of the cartoons during your event.

Videos of the event

When we were planning our event, we found it really useful to review other events and draw upon the parts that were relevant to our needs. We’ve broken the video of our event into three.

If you don’t want to watch the full event, we’ve created a 2-minute and a 6-minute summary.

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