Its official, trees are awesome!

We all know the relief of finding a cool spot under a tree or walking along a shady, tree lined street on a hot day.  Trees are especially vital for our wellbeing in urban areas where there are more hard surfaces, as they provide shade and reduce the impact of radiant heat.  

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City of Onkaparinga have committed to a 20% increase in both tree canopy cover and green cover (trees and shrubs) in our urban area by 2045. To communicate the benefits of trees, we've created these awesome tree tags that can be found on trees throughout our community.

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city of holdfast bay urban forest Target and tree tags

The City of Holdfast Bay recognises the important role trees play in cooling our urban environment and increasing community wellbeing in our City. A commitment to increase tree canopy coverage by 10% by 2030 was endorsed by council in 2017 under the Environmental Pillar in the Our Place 2030 strategic plan. Tree tags  promoting the various benefits of trees can be found on Norfolk Island Pines along the Glenelg Foreshore and on Hills Weeping Figs down Jetty Road Brighton. 


Mitcham Tree Trail

In January 2018, City of Mitcham created a tree trail to celebrate trees across the city and show the many benefits they provide. The trail showcased nine amazing trees in Mitcham Reserve with a tag placed on each tree to show height, how much shade provided and pollution removed from the atmosphere. The trail was explored by a number of community members, who were also tasked to find a hidden message amongst the trees! A prize was given to a winner allowing them to buy native plants at State Flora, located at Belair.


202020 VISION

We support the 202020 Vision because we recognise the role of urban greening to mitigate heat and improve amenity in our public spaces.