There are so many amazing people and projects out there taking action on climate change. Here is a snapshot of some of our favourites...

The Rock pool

We are fortunate in South Australia to be surrounded by beautiful marine and coastal environments. There are many resources available to help us understand these environments and how to protect them. The rock pool can point you in the right direction… and it has loads of gorgeous photos!

water sensitive sa.png

Water Sensitive SA

Water Sensitive SA is a capacity building program that provides stakeholders within the development and urban water management industries with the support they need to achieve the best water sensitive urban design outcomes. Water sensitive cities are climate resilient cities!

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Our urban design choices around water will directly affect our ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities are laying out a bold vision and practical tools for building resilient, liveable, productive, and sustainable cities. 


National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility works to support decision makers throughout Australia as they prepare for and manage the risks of climate change and sea-level rise. They're responsible for genuinely useful research and tools. And they gave us an award back in 2014!

Coast adapt-logo-on-white.jpg

CoastAdapt is for anyone with an interest in Australia’s coast, the risks it faces from climate change and sea-level rise, and what can be done to respond to those risks. This site is a wealth of information that is relevant to people from all walks of life. 


202020 VISION

Plants and trees cool our cities and they reduce pollution. They get us out and about and make us healthier, happier and more productive. Yet, too often, they are overlooked when plans are drawn and concrete is poured. 202020 Vision have a plan to change that!


Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) is all about making our built environment more sustainable. They promote, educate, connect, collaborate and facilitate… and they’ve got a fantastic Green Book, which shows the plethora of organisations, products and services available in SA for those seeking more sustainable (and therefore more climate resilient) outcomes.



The brainchild of Adelaide based explorer and scientist, Tim Jarvis; 25zero is Tim’s response to his first hand experience of the devastating effects of climate change. Tim believes that seeing is believing, so he’s climbing the worlds 25 equatorial peaks and glaciers and showing, in photographs and film, the effects of climate change. Tim says, “It’s probably too late to save these glaciers. The bigger question is: When these glaciers are gone, what else are we prepared to lose?”

The fifth Estate.png

The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate is a fantastic source of information about the sustainable built environment and the people and issues that surround it. They publish news, views and information –  on line daily, in newsletters, ebooks, webinars and events.

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Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a commitment between government, business and community to work together to make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city. Let’s hope they’re the first of many!

Climate Ready Mornington-logo.png

Climate Ready

This clever and engaging website supports property owners and businesses on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria to develop their own Climate Ready action plan. While targeted at Victorian residents, much of the information is also relevant to those in southern Adelaide.

logo Cool Cows.gif

Cool Cows

What’s not to love about a project with a name like this! And it’s genuinely useful too, with loads of tools and information to support dairy farmers to manage heat stress for their herds.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA’s climate change website is a great source of succinct technical information as well as information that is accessible to a broader audience.


Kids Crossing

Kids Crossing is an educational site from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Though some of the language is US-centric (e.g. hurricanes rather than cyclones), there are some fantastic, interactive resources that schools and teachers will love.

Nature of SA.jpg

Nature of SA

In the face of a growing number of challenges, including climate change, Nature of SA is supporting positive change in our approach to nature conservation and developing an achievable and enabling statewide strategy.

Shoes and can_salvador.jpg

Under the Weather: Images of Climate Change from the streets

Under the Weather: Images of climate change from the streets explores how people experiencing homelessness navigate the increasingly extreme weather conditions. Participants from the Hutt St Centre’s Pathways to Education program and Aged City Living program were asked to document their experiences of extreme weather and how it deepens the difficulty of living with homelessness. 


City of Burnside's Urban Forest Interactive

Urban Forest Interactive is an exciting new website communicating the benefits of the urban forest. The City of Burnside has mapped and collected data on over 40,000 public street and park trees. You can explore the urban forest using the interactive map to view individual tree data, including tree species, age, height, environmental benefits, and more. There is also useful information about the importance of conservation.

Resilient East Logos-01.png

Resilient East

Resilient East is an initiative between councils in Adelaide's east. Their goal is to ensure communities, assets and infrastructure, local economies and the natural environment are resilient to the impacts and challenges of climate change - just like us! 

San Fran.jpg

resilient south city, San Francisco

We love this project, not only because they're taking awesome action on climate change, but also because they have such a brilliant name! Resilient South City is a community-based  design challenge aimed at strengthening  the city’s resilience to sea level rise  and climate change. 

Climate Century.png

Climate Century

Climate Century is a five-year public art program exploring climate change by Port Adelaide’s Vitalstatistix from 2014-2018. Climate Century offers surprising and profound artworks exploring grief, resistance, survival and reinvention in the 21st century. Each of the works grapple with preposterous pasts and futures; they expand on practices of memorialisation and speculative thinking; they are funny, playful, moving, sad, accessible, fierce and brave.



Climarte is a collective of arts organisations, practitioners, administrators, patrons and academics from across the arts sector who believe the arts can not only show but can also help us feel the climate problems we are facing. We agree!

Transitions film fest.png

Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival showcases groundbreaking documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trailblazing change makers that are leading the way to a better world.

logo_City of Boston.png

Climate Ready Boston

City of Boston are working with their community to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Unlike us, they have to contend with snow, but many of the other climate challenges they face are similar to our own.


1 Million Women

We are women and girls from every corner of the planet building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis.