Alex Gaut

Alex’s main motivation for her work on climate change is her connection to the natural world. As a fourth generation scientist, Alex grew up on David Attenborough documentaries in an environmentally mindful family and views her work as an element of service, both to the natural community and our community. She has since completed her post-graduate studies in Marine Science and has gone on to work in marine conservation for twenty years.

Although her passions may lie with the ocean, she lives her life in service to the planet and therefore finds all environmental based work fulfilling. Alex is also passionate about inter-disciplinary studies and is currently studying her Masters in Environmental Psychology. As many environmental issues have begun with the human community, Alex believes that a greater understanding of how we as individuals connect to the natural world around us may also be the resolution to such issues.

 Alex has worked on many projects during her professional life including developing a program titled ‘Nature for you’. This program worked with social support organisations in order to take small groups of disadvantaged people on introductory nature experiences. This project aimed to connect individuals to the natural world around them, therefore creating a conversation on the topic and a desire to do better for our planet.

 In her private life, Alex also aims to reduce her impact on the planet by driving a plug in hybrid car which she fuels with electricity generated by her numerous solar panels and green energy which she purchases when necessary. She also has a water tank installed in her home and is mindful of ethical purchasing. Alex loves to garden and by planting a variety of native species she has turned her home into its own wildlife sanctuary complete with 3 possum boxes, 6 bird boxes and fruit trees to feed the wildlife. By simply installing a bird bath into her garden, Alex was surprised by the change this has made as she has had the pleasure of watching many different species enjoy her garden.

 Alex balances work and study in order to create a positive impact on both the natural community and our community and will continue to live her life as a service to our beautiful planet.