Nina family photo.jpg

Nina Keath

Senior Strategic Planner, City of Onkaparinga / Willunga Resident


This photo shows my family amidst the glorious chaos that goes with owner-building whilst also working and raising a young family... our very own Grand Designs! 

We have built a passive solar, straw-bale house in the foothills of Willunga and are thrilled to report that the theory really does work. Our northerly orientation, double glazed windows, thick insulated walls, internal thermal mass, eaves and strategic plantings mean that we're toasty warm in winter and lovely and cool in summer.  

I recently returned to work at City of Onkaparinga after several years at home with my young children and was heartened to see how much progress had been achieved in tackling climate change. Five years ago, people were still trying to understand the local risks and identify what actions needed to be taken. While the broad science of climate change was clear, the local response was less so. Upon re-entering the work-force, I found myself surrounded by people across all levels of government, community groups and the private sector who were getting on with the job of implementing climate change solutions.

Responding to climate change requires us to engage with the complex question of how we manage change and my break from the workforce really helped to highlight how much change has already been achieved. But, of course, we need to do more, and the change we require is not your every-day garden variety's radical, transformational change across all levels of society and technology. I'm intrigued by the research emerging from the social sciences that is giving us promising clues about how we might achieve such change and I'm relishing the opportunity to play my own part as a Resilient South committee member.