Natalie Iglio

environmental engagement officer,City of Marion

Resilient South committee member

My excitement for environmental protection began as a child as I explored backyards in search of insects to study, went on outback camping adventures and cared for family pets like goats, chickens, birds and bunnies. I recognised the negative impact humans have on ecosystems and wanted to help make a change.

I currently work as Environmental Engagement Officer at the City of Marion and I am on the Program Management Committee for Resilient South.

While living out of a suitcase for a year overseas, I realised I didn’t need so much stuff in my life and the benefits of living clutter free. Since coming back, I have been buying less and getting rid of more by giving away or reselling.  

My home has solar panels, a rainwater tank, insulation, energy efficient lighting, a veggie garden, fruit trees and an immaculately sorted recycling and organics bin. My favourite skin care is Sukin - carbon neutral, Australian made, cruelty free, vegan … the list goes on.

A cool initiative that has always stuck with me is Take3, which encourages everyone to take 3 items of rubbish every time you leave a beach, waterway…. or anywhere … simple and effective.